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Lesotho Transforms COVID-19 Treatment with Oral Antiviral Medicine

21 February 2024 by Limpho Sello  Est Read Time: 6 min(s) 43 sec(s) Listen to this article: Baroane Phenethi, Head of Health Education at Lesotho’s Ministry of Health, speaks to media practitioners about Covid-19 oral medication. Credit: Provided Picture. A sharp chill slices through Selemeng Matsoso’s back, prompting a shiver she [...]

UNICEF Report Calls for Measures to Safeguard Mental Well-being of Lesotho’s Herd-Boys

29 January 2024 by Monyane Khau  Est Read Time: 1 min(s) 44 sec(s) Listen to this article: A United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report reveals that Covid-19 lockdowns isolated adolescent herd-boys from their families and peers, triggering mental distress within this demographic. “For herd boys, spending long periods of time alone [...]

COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues amid torrential rains in Lesotho

Despite floods and landslides, Basotho are finding a way to get vaccinated. 16 March 2022 by Monyane Khau A group of people crossing what used to be a bridge connecting the Ha Ramapepe people with their counterparts over the river. Credit: Monyane Khau Despite torrential rains leaving a trail of destruction across the [...]