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Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Remains a Gendered Issue: Here is How Lesotho is Changing the Narrative

In many African family settings, open discussions and seeking sexual and reproductive health services by men and boys continue to be regarded as taboo. These deeply ingrained social and gender norms hinder the uptake of SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) services among men and boys, often at the expense of [...]

Father Opts for Contraceptives over Forced Sterilisation for a Disabled Daughter

23 October 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi This reporting was supported by the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists Eighteen years ago, workers at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Roma, Lesotho, delivered the news to Seabata Kanono and his late wife that their daughter, Nnini, had a [...]

The Stigma of Disability: Lesotho Grapples with Unlawful Meddling in the Reproduction Rights of Disabled Girls and Women

The forced sterilisation of a deaf woman in Lesotho has flagged how families are secretly and illegally  sterilising disabled daughters, giving them no say over their sexual and reproductive health rights. This is being done no matter how mild or severe the disability in the name “protecting” them from unwanted [...]

Why HIV Testing Technology Could Help Lesotho Achieve 100% ARV Treatment Coverage

…As the world prepares to commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1, Lesotho is harnessing advanced HIV testing technology to swiftly identify new infections and enrol affected individuals on antiretroviral treatment. This innovative approach has the potential to identify high-risk populations promptly and mitigate the spread of new HIV infections. 19 [...]