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Touching the Nerve: Should Journalists Double as Activists?

20 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi With Christmas just a few days away, we would like to celebrate local journalists who have consistently practiced ethical journalism throughout this year. As part of this celebration, we are republishing a podcast that explores the intersection of journalism and activism, posing the question [...]

Inside Lesotho’s Green Revolution: Inspiring a Global Shift towards Sustainable Change

18 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi   Est Read Time: 6 min(s) 49 sec(s) Listen to this article: The Ramarothole solar plant stands as a compelling testament to Lesotho’s steadfast commitment to a complete transition to clean energy. Credit: MNNCIJ/Sechaba Mokhethi. As people all around the world strive to shift from using [...]

Surviving the Night: Lesotho’s Sex Workers Share Tales of Exploitation, Assault, and Resilience 

15 December 2023 by Limpho Sello   Est Read Time: 13 min(s) 40 sec(s) Listen to this article: KAPAL will commemorate the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers tomorrow. The occasion will be observed with a peaceful march from IEMS to Sefikeng sa Moshoeshoe. Credit: KAPAL Facebook Page. Three women, discreetly [...]

A Heartbeat Away: Surgeons Desperately Search for Blood Ahead of the Festive Season

11 December 2023 by Limpho Sello   Est Read Time: 7 min(s) 33 sec(s) Listen to this article: Photo Credit: World Health Organisation Facebook Page. In the quiet corridors of the Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital, Dr ‘Mamotena Ramabolu moves through the hushed whispers of uncertainty. The sterile walls of the surgical unit at [...]

The Unlikely Connection Between an African Patient and an American Survivor in the Pursuit of Rare Disease Solutions

8 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi From left to right: Nthabeleng Ramoeli and Victoria Gray. In a world that often overlooks the silent battles waged within bodies, the lives of two women, separated by continents yet bound by the rarity of their afflictions, unfold against a backdrop of medical scepticism [...]

Diaper Pollution Menace Threatens Lesotho’s Pristine Landscapes

According to researchers, diapers you throw away have a harmful chemical called dioxin, which can be really bad for health, can even cause cancer. 6 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi  Est Read Time: 8 min(s) 10 sec(s) Listen to this article: Paseka Lentsoenyane, a 36-year-old resident of Hleoheng in Maputsoe, Lesotho, [...]

From Joyful Names to a Fight for Life: Thabelo and Thoriso’s Life-Changing Battle with Batten Disease

 Est Read Time: 8 min(s) 11 sec(s) 4 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi  Listen to this article. Credit: Authors of The Plight of Rare Diseases in Southern Africa: Health and Social Services Policy Recommendations. In the intricate tapestry of African culture, names weave a profound narrative, encapsulating the heartfelt sentiments of [...]

Sex for Soap: World AIDS Day Spotlights Inmate Vulnerability and the Complexities of Prison Life

Est Read Time: 4 min(s) 40 sec(s) 1 December 2023 by Limpho Sello Listen to this article Within the confines of prison walls, a disquieting narrative unfolds, revealing a clandestine world where men trade sex for basic needs like bath soap. Tsatsi Ramoepane, a former inmate, sheds light on the practice known [...]