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Unmasking Africa’s Neglected Health Crisis: Rare Diseases that Escape Western Medical Radars

Est Read Time: 12 min(s) 4 sec(s) 29 November 2023   Nthabeleng Ramoeli is the founder of Rare Disease Association Lesotho. Credit: Nthabeleng Ramoeli. A coalition of professional human genetics organisations, rare disease patient advocacy groups from six African countries and the health youth cluster of the Southern African Development Community [...]

A Mother’s Grief Transforms into Hope: A Quest to Build a Haven for Children with Special Needs

24 November 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi The late Khotso Mohapi’s potrait hangs on the wall of her mother’s living room in Lithabaneng. Credit: Limpho Mohapi. At forty-years-old, Limpho Mohapi sifts through a collection of 13 printed photographs, each telling a profound story of children with special needs in Lesotho. Among these [...]

Miracle Blood: A Life Saved, a Rare Disease Revealed – The Unforgettable Journey of a 45-Year-Old Man

22 November 2023 by Limpho Sello Nkopane Ntlhabo, aged 45, is on a mission to educate people about collagenous gastritis – a rare disease he was diagnosed with in 2020. Credit: Limpho Sello. What began as a typical day for 45-year-old Nkopane Ntlhabo and his wife on 27 September 27 2020, [...]

In Lesotho, Rural Women Unite for a Hunger-Free Future with Climate-Smart Project

16 November 2023 by Lucia Moshoeshoe  This climate-smart Banana plot retains moisture for five days. Credit: Uncensored News/ Pascalinah Kabi. According to the 2023 Global Hunger Index, Lesotho’s hunger level is a cause for alarm, standing at 35.5 percent. The country is just 15 percent away from reaching the extremely alarming [...]

Silent Struggles: Unravelling the Hidden Trauma of Cancer Patients Amidst Language Barriers and a Lack of Palliative Care

14 November 2023 by Limpho Sello In 2018, there were 1 888 cancer cases in Lesotho. Credit: World Health Organisation. As Lesotho continues its ongoing battle against cancer, the enduring scars left on patients and survivors persist, underscoring the critical need for quality palliative care services. A 2020 Country Cancer Profile [...]

Crafting Solutions: Lesotho’s Post-Covid-19 Struggle with Missing TB Patients 

13 November 2023 by Limpho Sello Dr Llalang Maama serves as the Ministry of Health’s Tuberculosis and Leprosy Manager. Credit: Internet. In the wake of a post Covid-19 landscape, Lesotho faces a daunting challenge in the realm of healthcare. Dr. Llang Maama, a dedicated physician leading the charge against tuberculosis and [...]