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Understanding the High Maternal Mortality Rates in Lesotho: Causes and Solutions

26 June 2024 by Limpho Sello Est. Read Time: 4m 50s Listen to this article: South Sudan, Somalia, and Lesotho have the highest maternal mortality rates in the East and Central African region. Lesotho’s United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Coordinator, Blandina Motaung, explained that South Sudan [...]

Compassion in Action: Stories of Lesotho’s Dedicated Nurses

12 May 2024 by Limpho Sello  Est Read Time: 5 min(s) 5 sec(s) Listen to this article: “I have noticed that many young nurses tend to gravitate towards urban settings for convenience. However, Basotho in every corner of the country require our services,” shared ‘Mabokang Damane-Ntsie. Sekhametsi Matamane, a graduate of [...]

My Take on Maseru District Hospital’s Disability Access Oversights

15 April 2024 by Pascalinah Kabi  Est Read Time: 4 min(s) 2 sec(s) Listen to opinion piece: I am one of the Lesotho journalists who covered the official tour of the Maseru District Hospital led by the parliament’s Social Cluster Portfolio Committee on April 12, 2024. With its sponsorship from China, [...]