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Touching the Nerve: Should Journalists Double as Activists?

20 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi

With Christmas just a few days away, we would like to celebrate local journalists who have consistently practiced ethical journalism throughout this year.

As part of this celebration, we are republishing a podcast that explores the intersection of journalism and activism, posing the question of whether journalists can or should also be activists.

In this podcast, Pascalinah Kabi, Managing Editor of Uncensored News, conducts interviews with Tsiu Tsiu, Lerato Matheka, Nthakeng Selinyane and Kananelo Boloetsi.

Together, they explore the vital distinction between news reporting and opinion pieces, with reference to Tsiu’s perspective on reporters writing opinion pieces.

This podcast was first published on July 25, 2023 by Podcasting with Pascalinah Kabi.

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  1. This is really interesting. I guess journalists are activists who are only conflicted by the ethics and laws that were meant to hinder the power that they have to speak for the people. If you look at what other countries do to joirnalist-activist, you will realize that they are being denied their right to express their opinions as citizens. One of your visitors stated clearly that before being journalists, they are citizens who have families and relatives who have small voices which no one can hear. But through the platforms that journalism create for journalist, they can then advocate for the betterment and improvement of lives of those who are voiceless. In essence, stories pass through a number of eyes before publication. Journalists have responsibilities of changing lives of the people everyday, that sole responsibility drives the activists in our societies, so no journalist can decide to wake up and destroy the people. Without media advocacy, we are doomed.

    In radio, the voices that we hear influence the decisions that we make in our daily lives. It is only in writing that journalists are scrutinized and scolded for their opinions. Let the power within journalist light the candle for those in the dark and speak for those who can’t be heard.

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