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Lesotho’s Toxic Diamonds

2 April 2024 by Pascalinah Kabi

This investigation was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Centre.

The 2019 Mining Lease Agreement between Letšeng Diamonds Mine and the Lesotho government carries significant implications for environmental protection.

Renewed controversially four years early, this pact binds Letšeng Diamonds Mine to comply with environmental regulations, including the Environment Act of 2008, which criminalises pollution under Section 37.

In this incisive documentary, Pascalinah engages Advocate Borenahabokhethe Sekonyela, a former Letšeng board member and legal expert, to scrutinize potential violations of this agreement. For Advocate Sekonyela’s expert analysis and Letšeng Diamonds Mine’s response to accusations of environmental breaches, watch “Lesotho’s Toxic Diamonds” now.

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