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Liapeng Raliengoane Advocates for SRHR Awareness Amid Lesotho’s Health Challenges

23 February 2024 by Limpho Sello  Est Read Time: 6 min(s) 20 sec(s) Listen to this article: Freelance journalist, Liapeng Raliengoane, advocates for increased SRHR awareness in Lesotho. Credit: Provided Photo. “The youth of Leribe once shared with me their struggles in accessing healthcare services during rainy days due to overflowing [...]

Incomplete Abortions Continue to Dominate Hospital Admissions in Lesotho: 2022 Statistical Report

6 November 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi In a concerning revelation, a 2022 report from the Lesotho Bureau of Statistics has brought to light a troubling trend within the country’s healthcare system. According to the report, the primary cause of female hospital admissions in Lesotho is incomplete abortions. “The main reason for [...]