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How Lesotho Plans to Address Malnutrition Amongst Children in Quthing, Mohale’s Hoek

19 February 2024 by Mamohlakola Letuka  Est Read Time: 7 min(s) 42 sec(s) Quthing farmers display their produce at the launch of a four-year food program designed to strengthen the local economy by creating a market for farmers and ensuring children have access to nutritious meals. Credit: Provided. At Mohlakoana Primary [...]

From Royal Plea to Quthing’s Plight: Lesotho’s King Urges Greater International Support in Battling Climate Change

5 January 2024 by Pascalinah Kabi  Est Read Time: 5 min(s) 1 sec(s) Listen to this article: A Quthing house was destroyed by strong winds in December 2023. Credit: Facebook User. As Mpiti Lebesele Letsie, a seasoned radio presenter at Seaka FM in Quthing, gazed through the window, an ordinary afternoon [...]

Inside Lesotho’s Green Revolution: Inspiring a Global Shift towards Sustainable Change

18 December 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi   Est Read Time: 6 min(s) 49 sec(s) Listen to this article: The Ramarothole solar plant stands as a compelling testament to Lesotho’s steadfast commitment to a complete transition to clean energy. Credit: MNNCIJ/Sechaba Mokhethi. As people all around the world strive to shift from using [...]

Calls for Basotho to Collectively Protect the Environment in Line with Pope Francis’ Message

09 October 2023 by Pascalinah Kabi The whir of a tractor roars into life in Ha Raliile, a small village nestled in the Sehlabeng plateau in Berea. The tractor belongs to farmer and businessman Thabiso Mokone. Mokone trades in renting the tractor to other farmers in the area and, selling fresh [...]

Lesotho traditional healer Mohaneng Lekhooana

Calls for Lesotho to Build a National Botanical Garden

18 August 2021 by Pascalinah Kabi At least twelve life-saving medicinal plants face extinction in Lesotho. The twelve are Othonna natalensis, Othonna natalensis (Elephant’s root), Hypoxis hemerocallidea (African potato or star flower), Dicoma anomala (stomach bush), Pentanisia prunelloides (broad-leaved pentanisia), Bulbine narcissifolia (star-leaved bulbine), Eriocephalus tenuifolius (wild rosemary), Alepidea amatymbica [...]

Lesotho traditional healer Mohaneng Lekhooana

Life-Saving Medicinal Plants Face Extinction

30 July 2021 by Pascalinah Kabi Lesotho traditional healer Mohaneng Lekhooana harvests medicinal plants in his home town. Credit: Pascalinah Kabi Shivering and moaning, 36-year-old ’Mantoa Kobeli can barely sit unassisted on a plastic chair in a “consulting room”, a shack run by a traditional healer, Monaheng Lekhooana. A burning [...]